Decorating the House

J has a touch of Clark W. Griswald in his soul. He loves putting up Christmas lights. He’s put them along the roof line this year. I have to admit it looks pretty good! We have an inflatable snow globe spewing forth Styrofoam snow, little penguin light stakes, poinsettias in the front planters, wreathes on the house and the front doors. All in all it’s pretty festive around here. But J is already looking forward to next year. He wants to add a Santa to the roof. I’m not so sure about this. I don’t want our home to turn into The Liquori Family’s Winter Wonderland from

Tacky lights

Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas lights but there is a point at which it becomes kinda tacky. Too many lights and lawn ornaments can be tacky. But the worst offenders are those who have no plan. Take this guy who lives a few blocks away from us for instance. We refer to him as Ted Kennedy as the likeness is quite remarkable. However, I doubt the real Ted Kennedy is living incognito in Sit-a-lot Beach, FL and driving a beat up Geo Metro. I might be wrong but I doubt it. Anyway.Ted waits until the week or so before Christmas to rig up his lights. He drags out every strand of lights he can find, hooks them all together into one long strand and goes to town. Now, he has no regard for uniformity, size, operability, or blinking. He starts hanging them up above the garage and does not stop until he’s run out of strand. The single chain of lights with big bulbs, little bulbs, blinking bulbs, bulbs that don’t work etc. is strewn all over the house and through the yard and halfway up a tree at the end. It looks like a crazy person was let loose on the place (And maybe it was…). But who am I to judge. Maybe Ted’s going for unconventional. If so, he’s nailed it.

J thankfully has a plan. Icicle lights along the edge of the roof, white lights lining the roof, each bush has it’s own color, and all of the bulbs are the same size (except for the little led light wrapped bush in the front). It looks well thought out. But a Santa on the roof? Do you think it’s too much?

This is our house:

Me? I want to add some of those big ‘ol ornaments along the edge of the roof. I’ve seen a few houses around here with them and I really like the idea. The houses look nice in the daytime too because you can see the big ornaments not just strands of lights and deflated lawn art.

The kids are napping so I’m off to relax a bit.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aileen
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 21:51:43

    First of all, you have to drive by Ted Kennedy’s house and take some photos once his masterpiece is available for the unveiling!

    Secondly, Clark Griswald? BWahahahahaaa! I’d check my tree for rabid squirrels if I were you!

    Oh and yes… moderation is the key. Avoid tackydom!! 🙂


  2. adventuresoffour
    Dec 12, 2007 @ 03:10:40

    Check out my next post! You’ll be delighted!


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