Decorating the House…a follow-up

In my last post, I mentioned faux Ted Kennedy’s Christmas light display. As luck would have it, I drove by his house this evening and discovered that he’d put his lights up. He’s early this year and his artistry is magnificent! So, I’m passing on the joy to you.

Let me preface these photos with a little explanation about the quality. I took them on the sly from inside my car. Obviously I didn’t have a tripod with me so they’re kinda blurry. I also didn’t want to draw attention to myself as a stalker by standing out in the middle of the street taking pictures of someone’s house at night. So, I took these pictures very quickly. I didn’t want Sit-A-Lot Beach’s finest wonder what was up.

You’ve waited long enough. Here you go:

This man needs help, people! Seriously.