More Holiday Festivities

Wildman’s preschool Christmas program was last night at the church sanctuary. The two-year-olds were all over the place. Some danced, some shouted the songs, some cried. I was surprised that none of them ran off the stage to their parents though. They all wore little hats with animal ears on them and sang about the manger animals and the Baby Jesus. It was so sweet it would make your teeth hurt.

The three-year-olds were next (Wildman’s group). The three-year-olds are divided into Wee-Threes and Threes. Wildman is a Wee-Three because his birthday is in December. The Wee-Threes are two when the school year begins and turn three in the September-January time frame. The Threes are three when school starts. Anyway, their group was HUGE compared to the two-year-old group. They played jingle bells and sang a song called “Joy, Joy, Joy”. Then they sang a couple more songs with choreographed hand motions. Of course, the music teacher was in front of the stage wildly gesticulating to get the kids to do the actions. Wildman looked nervous until he saw us in the audience. We were sitting way off to his right. When he finally saw us he waved his arm and shouted “Hi mom!”. You could see him standing there saying “Hi, mom” to himself long before he saw us though! I think he was willing himself to find us in the audience. I’m sure it was quite overwhelming for him to step out on the stage and look at the sea of parents, grandparents, and video cameras!

The four-year-olds were up last. They did a little nativity play and sang some songs in costume. Wildman cannot wait to wear costumes when his in the four-year-old group! He covets the costumes!

There was a group song at the very end for all of the preschoolers to sing but Wildman wanted no part of it. I tried to take him up there with the other kids but he immediately ran back to our row shaking his head and pouting. I didn’t pressure him. The teachers brought out a cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. After the performances we went to the preschool lunchroom for cake and punch. It was a crowd of noisy, milling people. We just got some cake and punch for Wildman and made our exit. I’m not big on crowds.

But the holiday festivities don’t end there for us! No, sir. We’re taking the kids to¬† Disney for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Woo hoo! We took Wildman last year and he loved it. It’s from 7 PM – midnight. He stayed awake the whole time! I was 9 months pregnant and miserable the whole evening. I’m looking forward to a much better experience this time around.