Interesting Gift Ideas for Children

In my search for the perfect Christmas gifts for my boys I’ve scoured the internet and come across some interesting options.

Take the Make-My-Own-Monster Custom Design Kit:

Awesome idea but at $249 a pop, I think I could whip up something similar with my own little hands for much less. And I absolutely do not sew. I wish I could. It’s on my list of things I want to do/learn in this life. Sounds like a future blog topic… hmmm.

And the pony tent:

What little girl wouldn’t want to camp out in the bowels of a pink pony?

Then there’s this:

I really have no words for the Bilibo seat. Except it does remind me of this little gem that OneScrappyGal sent me:

Disturbing, I know.

What child wouldn’t want to take their lunch in one of these beauties?

I’m sure the 8 and up crowd would really dig this:

“Wind up our fuzzy felt grey squirrel and he’ll hop hither and yon looking for the perfect hiding place for his acorn.” Good times. Good times.

Sporks make good gifts: