Date Night!

J and I went out for dinner this evening- just the two of us. Wildman went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks with my mom (Ya-ya) and Cutie Pie went to the in-laws’ house for dinner/bath/spoiling. Every once in a while it is so nice to escape the monotony of everyday parenthood. After we stuffed ourselves sillly, J and I headed to the mall. You know those underwear I was feeling guilty about purchasing. Well, I did it. I marched right into Vicky’s and bought them. My new hip huggers are lovely. And I’m happy about it. Yes, that will definitely become one of my 2008 resolutions! Less mommy guilt!

After the mall, we hit the Home Depot and Lowe’s in search of under cabinet lights for my new scrap area. I found a set of awesome, over-sized pine cone ornaments to decorate our roof line with next Christmas. They were on sale at Home Depot. Remind me to post a photo, would ya? They’re ever so festive. So, after a slight detour into the Christmas section at Home Depot we managed to find what we were looking for at Lowe’s. I’m so excited about the progress on the laundry room/scrap area!

When we closed down the local home improvement stores, we decided it was probably time to pick up Cutie Pie. We got to the in-laws’ house at 9:30 PM and what do you know? Cutie Pie was still kickin’. His usual bed time is 7 PM but I guess the excitement of Nana and Papa’s got him all wound up. I so hope he sleeps in!!!

How do you like the new look of the blog? I’m trying my hand a digital scrapbooking. Hence the nifty new custom title bar. Thanks to Shabby Princess for the free downloads!

Good night, folks!