In Honor of the New Year…

Let’s look back at 2007, shall we? Thanks to the fine folks at Morgan Quitno Press (who have “provided 18 years of reliable rankings”) we have some interesting lists. Please refer to their website for methodology for determining these rankings.

2007 Top 5 Most Livable States:

1. New Hampshire

2. Minnesota

3. Wyoming

4. Utah

5. New Jersey

Florida is not on this list… Hmmmm. I guess I can see that.


2007 Top 5 Least Livable States:

1. Mississippi

2. Louisiana

3. Arkansas

4. Kentucky

5. South Carolina

Ahhhh, the South! So unlivable it seems 🙂 But no Florida on this list either.

*******************************************************************************************2007 Top 5 Most Dangerous States:

1. Nevada

2. New Mexico

3. Arizona

4. Maryland

5. Tennessee

Florida ranks 8th! Doesn’t that make you want to run on down here now? Visit the Mouse? Sure it does.

******************************************************************************************* The next category made me giggle a bit because it reminded me of the dramatic chipmunk of YouTube fame. He’s not really a chipmunk but that’s what he’s known as.

I did not, however, giggle about the atrocities that these people are responsible for…

2007 Top 5 World’s Worst Dictators:

1. Omar al-Bashir of Sudan in power since 1989

2. Kim Jon Il of North Korea in power since 1994

3. Seyed Ali Khamane’i of Iran in power since 1989

4. Hu Jintao of China in power since 2002

5. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in power since 1995


Okay, one more list and that’s it. Too many lists will make you nuts. This one is from Nielsen Media Research.

2007 Top 5 Television Shows

1. American Idol- Wednesday

2. American Idol- Tuesday

3. Dancing with the Stars

4. Dancing with the Stars Result

5. NBC Sunday Night Football

No surprises here. But it does give me an excuse to remind you of Sanjaya Malakar. No thanks needed.


Happenings of 2007

Cutie Pie was born on on my birthday! What a great way to kick off the year!

Britney Spears’ head shaving incident made news as well as her 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy.

Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in prison but only served 23.

Lindsey Lohan was in and out of rehab all year. She went to jail too following a DUI arrest.

Owen Wilson attempted suicide.

Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis 29/ Chicago 17

Anna Nicole Smith, Art Buchwald, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Kurt Vonnegut, Boris Yeltsin, Wally Schirra, Rev. Jerry Falwell, Lady Bird Johnson, Tammy Faye Messner, Merv Griffin, Leona Helmsley, Pavarotti, Marcel Marceau, Robert Goulet, Norman Mailer, Evel Knievel, and Ike Turner were some of the notable deaths of 2007.

Rosie O’Donnell quit “The View” following an argument with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Britney made news again with her disastrous MTV Video Music Awards performance.

Isaiah Washington was fired from “Grey’s Anatomy”

DNA test proved Eddie Murphy to be the father of Spice Girl, Melanie Brown’s baby.

The Virginia Tech shooting incident occurred on April 16th.

On August 1st during the evening rush hour in Mnneapolis the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River causing many fatalities & injuries.

Nancy Pelosi became the first female Speaker of the House.

In November, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf suspended the Constitution , declaring a State of Emergency. He also hinted at postponing elections, scheduled for January. Thousands have taken to the streets in protest.

Astronaut Lisa Nowak attacked fellow astronaut Colleen Shipman.

Bob Barker passes “The Price is Right” torch to Drew Carey.


So many other things happened last year. Some were good. Some were bad. Some were boring. Some were coated with chocolate and dipped in sprinkles. On the whole, I’m kinda glad 2007 is over. I’m optimistic that 2008 will be a better year.

Thanks for reading my shiny, new blog! I hope to provide you with much more randomness, stories and, if nothing else, cute photos of my kids 🙂

Happy 2008!