A-camping They Will Go!

This has shaped up to be quite a nice day! My cousin, Steph, and I set out this morning for Starbucks, pedicures and haircuts while the husbands watched the younguns and prepared for their camping adventure. We spent a good 3 hours getting pampered and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip in some trashy magazines. It was wonderful!

When we arrived back home at 1:30 PM, the husbands and older boys set off on their camping trip to Long Point Park. There are three dads and three boys going on this trip. They loaded up the trucks with kayaks, tents, sleeping bags, food, drinks and fishing poles. All the makings of a great adventure. Wildman has been talking about this trip for weeks. I’m glad it finally stopped raining so they could go!

Steph’s husband, Big Red, sent this photo of the boys. I think it’s too cute for words! It will be something for the scrapbook, for sure!

So, whatever did I do with myself you ask? Since Cutie Pie took a long morning nap he was raring to go when I got home. I set out to the local scrapbook store with Steph and our friend B (whose husband, Flash, is also on the camping trip). We took our youngest children with us to browse all of the extremely overpriced but amazing products. Luckily the little ones were confined to strollers and had plenty of snacks to keep them ocupado. I think we were in the store for well over an hour! I came home with some nifty paper I’d never seen before, a couple of pages of stickers and 5 new bottles of Stickles.

Cutie Pie is already in bed after devouring half of a sweet potato, a container of applesauce and a bottle of milk. I’m off the hook for the entire evening. Ahhhhh! The sound of silence. I love it! Steph said she wanted to try this new wipe-on tanner stuff Big Red gave her for Christmas. She might come over later to have me help in the application. J bought me The Nanny Diaries recently. I really want to watch that this evening too. Self-tanning and DVDs- sounds like fun to me!

P.S. My goodies from Paris arrived today!!!! The package contained some amazing confections from Laduree! There were some wonderfully colorful, cream-filled macaroons and a chocolate bar to die for!!! I’ve sampled them both and I’m savoring them! They are SO good! Dr. Cindita also sent along a lovely bar of green soap. It smells fabulous, like fresh flowers! Thank you so much!!! I love everything!!!