The Birdie Song and the Ice Cream Man

One of Wildman’s most favoritest songs ever is “Last Dollar” by Tim McGraw. Or “The Birdie Song” as it’s known around our house. He belts out the lyrics every time it comes on the radio. The problem is our local radio stations don’t play it all that often. Being the awesomely accommodating mom that I am, I purchased “The Birdie Song” from iTunes. It now resides on my iPod just for Wildman’s listening pleasure.

Until J gave me a docking station Wildman had to use ear buds to hear his song. He didn’t really care for the buds. They kept falling out. The docking station is now located on my new scrap desk. Every time I go into the laundry room Wildman demands to hear his song. It’s really very cute. He perches himself on my swivel chair and jams along with the beat.

Just a-day-in-the-life moment I had to capture 🙂 The spelling, punctuation and capitalization in the lyrics video above suuuucks, I know.


Wildman and I were on the back porch playing with play dough this evening and guess what we heard?! The ice cream truck! It’s January, people! JANUARY! Our local ice cream vendors must have some lofty sales goals for 2008 to be out and about in mid-January.

What’s your favorite treat from the Ice Cream Man?

Me? I love Nutty Buddies.

I’m not so sure they’re made anymore. And when I searched the Net for them I got a lot of hits for an athletic support cup of the same name. Ew!