I Sound Like Bea Arthur

I have the beginnings of another sickness. Those kids of mine bring home all sorts of funky germs. Try as I may to keep their hands clean they still pass on crud. I think a lot of it stems from the preschool which is just a hotbed of disease 🙂

Hopefully I don’t have the flu like last time. My throat is all scratchy and my voice is all deep and gravelly like Bea Arthur. But I don’t feel achy and beaten down like two weeks ago. That’s a good sign I think.


Bea Arthur side note- My friend from high school, Wonder Woman, was dining at a local restaurant with her husband a couple of years ago. She glanced up from their table and locked eyes with none other than Bea Arthur! As they were getting up to leave with their to-go boxes, Bea stopped Wonder Woman’s husband and said “So, you’re taking home your Chicken Cacciatore.” Awesome! Apparently Bea was in town for her stand-up comedy show. What?! Who knew that Bea Arthur still performed?! Not me.


Wildman has been a little under the weather as well with a low-grade fever and low energy. He’s doing much better today though. I deemed him school worthy after checking his temperature this morning. He chugged some O.J., ate some string cheese and grapes and was raring to go.

Cutie Pie and I hit Wal-mart after dropping Wildman off a school. Easter offerings were littering the aisles. Baskets, cellophane grass and candy- oh, my!

I bought the kids some of these for their Easter baskets:

And I bought these for myself and J:

I love me some Cadbury Creme Eggs! Yum! The best Easter candy there is as far as I’m concerned.


Cutie Pie woke up from his nap waaaaaaaay early today and has been a whiny, crying mess ever since. I’ve spent the greater part of two hours trying to soothe the savage beast. So, now I will inundate you with random photos of my youngest from this afternoon.

He looks like he wants none of it in this shot. “Let me go, woman!”:

Climbing on Mommy always brings out a smile:

The pinball toy is good for some laughs too:


Sin City, Baby

So, an old high school friend wants to celebrate her birthday in Vegas this year. I’ve never been to Las Vegas and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to finally be going! It’s definitely on my Top Ten List of places to visit before I die. I’ll be putting a big ol’ check mark on my mental list come March 28th.

Five SHS alumnae will be convening that weekend. I’m expecting a crazy, fun time. This is usually the case when we get together. We met up last year in San Francisco. I’ll just say that we had so much fun (read: wine) that my camera met an untimely end in a winery fountain. Good times, people! Good times!

Dr. Cindita mentioned that we will probably be going out somewhere fancy schmancy one evening so I should bring something dressy. This coming from the girl who told me to bring my going-out jeans and my everyday jeans to San Fran. Mmm hmmm. I’m a mother of two kids I’m lucky if I have a pair of jeans that fit well let alone several categories of jeans that fit. I’m assuming that I will wear a dress for our upcoming evening out. Now I need to find one! I’m thinking something strapless. I love strapless dresses but never have an occasion to wear them. In fact, my wedding dress was strapless. I may have worn a strapless dress once since then. Shameful, I know. I need to get out more.

I feel a shopping trip coming on. Maybe I can convince my mom to tag along on Friday when Wildman is at school. This is her Friday off in her 90/80 work schedule. Mom is never one to pass up a shopping trip. If I find a sweet dress that means I’ll probably want a pair of shoes to go with it. Can you tell that we read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Strange Beauty Products

My friend, B, and I are thinking about hosting a Girls’ Night In, Spa Extravaganza for Steph’s 30th in April. One of B’s nurse friends is a massage therapist on the side and is willing to set up shop at B’s house for mini-massages. Woo hoo!

I suggested purchasing a bunch of new and interesting beauty products for all of the guests to sample. I’m always looking at stuff online and in stores but I never actually put the items in my cart. I either don’t have the time or I don’t have the patience to figure out new beauty products. Steph’s party might be the perfect time to try out some fun stuff. I know that most of the people who will attend have the same dilemma I do.

I’ve always wanted to try some of the spray on products- self-tanner, foundation, etc. So I think I might buy a few of these for other party-goers to try as well. Last night, I began my search at Sephora. Sephora has all sorts of great options. I got overwhelmed and didn’t end up purchasing anything.

My googling did bring me to some offbeat products as well…

I almost blew green tea out of my nose when I saw the Betty coloring kits:

It’s for “your hair down there”! OMG! And for St. Patrick’s day they have green. Call me a prude but I don’t think I’d ever have a need for this.

For those who just don’t have time to fiddle with multiple make up applicators, I found Color-on!

It’s an oval of eye shadow that does both eyes. They come in a pack of 10 or 20. This looks like it would go horribly wrong for me. I’d probably not get them on straight or only get half of it to come off of the applicator. Then I’d look like a crazed lunatic. It’s not really the look I’m going for…

Head massage anyone:

It looks like a medieval torture device to me.

Rare hair oil for those who wish to grow long hair.

I don’t know about you but my hair is oily enough without me dumping rare hair oil on my scalp.

Finally, there’s this:

Nothing says “girly” like Tub O’ Butter! I want to slather myself in this and eat pork rinds, don’t you?!

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