Frozen Hot Chocolate

Onescrappygal in all her amazing sweetness sent me three packages of Frozen Hot Chocolate mix from Serendipity for my birthday. I placed them in my pantry and drooled every time I saw them! But I wanted to save them for a while. I’m trying to be good on my diet… *sigh*
I hosted our scrapbook gathering last Wednesday evening and didn’t have any kind of dessert to whip up for my fellow chocoholics. As I was rummaging through the cupboards in hopes of finding a forgotten box of brownie mix I spied them. My three packages of yumminess!

I made sure to have J swing by the grocery store on the way home from work for a huge can of Redi-Whip. All I needed was milk (check), ice (check) and a blender (crap!). My blender had been relocated to Cutie Pie’s closet during the laundry room remodel. I normally had it stashed in the laundry room closet but it had long since been demoed. Opening Cutie Pie’s closet would mean certain doom. He’s a pretty light sleeper and the closet is kind of creaky. So, instead of risking certain doom, I called Steph and asked her to bring over their old blender from college.

I set up the blender in the garage so it wouldn’t wake the kids. The blender was a little unstable and the motor oozed oil out the top but it was able to do it’s job. Frozen Hot Chocolate is amazing!!!! It’s sooooooo good! J and Big Red (Steph’s husband) hovered around looking all pitiful so we shared with them too.

Now I know why Oprah chose this treat as one of her favorite things way back when. I don’t recall the year…

Thank you, Your Scrappiness!