Friday Night Was a Lifetime Movie Sort of Night

To try to recover from my lousy week, I crawled into my bed, propped myself up with pillows and flipped on the television. It was Friday night and there was nothing on! Or so I thought. I ended up watching 1 vs. 100 but slept through half of it. When it was over I channel surfed until I found it. LMN! The Lifetime Movie Network! Just what the doctor ordered!

What was on, you ask? Only the best made for television movie about teen pregnancy starring Kirsten Dunst: Fifteen and Pregnant! It also starred that lady who played Laverne on 80s-90s sitcom Empty Nest. Remember her? Park Overall? Yah, she looked rough in this movie.

I had seen bits and pieces of Fifteen and Pregnant many times prior to Friday night. But I’d never watched it in it’s entirety. Well, it got the attention it deserved last night! I don’t know what it was that had me so hooked. Maybe it was the melodrama. Maybe it was the cheesy synthesizer music interspersed with bits of harmonica laden blue collar music. Maybe it was the pregnancy overalls and generous use of spandex. Perhaps it was Kirsten’s greasy movie baby daddy. Whatever it was, it was just the mindless distraction I needed.

I poured myself a glass of wine halfway through the movie and by the end I was feeling good again.

Thank you LMN! Thank you! And thank goodness I’m not fifteen and pregnant!


It’s Like Watching Caulk Dry…

J re-caulked around the tub in the kids’ bathroom this morning. It takes 48 hours to cure. That means the tub is out of commission for weekend. What do I do to wash two dirty boys? Cutie Pie hates the shower so that was out of the question. I thought of giving him a baby wipes sponge bath but then I thought of something!

The big ol’ laundry sink! It was like a baby hot tub for Cutie Pie!

Wildman begged to go in next!

This is the best photo of the whole event:

Cutie Pie was brushing his teeth and Wildman was still in the “bath”. It’s never a dull moment around here!