“Beware of the Bums”

This was the warning Steph and I got from Big Red as we left to run the causeway yesterday evening. I’m not a runner. I don’t jog. So, when Steph called to invite me to run the causeway I should have said “Heck, no!” But I didn’t. I was intrigued.

We live on a barrier island that is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon. Several causeways connect the island to the mainland. I go back and forth over a causeway almost every day. Living “beachside” is awesome for obvious reasons but all of the real shopping, restaurants, doctors’ offices, etc. are on the mainland. I think nothing of zipping over the bridge to get where I need to go.

The bridge that we went to last night has a pedestrian lane set up on the south side that is protected from traffic by a low, concrete barricade. It would probably stop a car from breaking through and pushing some poor, unsuspecting jogger to their doom but it wouldn’t stop a semi-truck. So, there is an element of danger in this choice of cardio activity. And if you’re the least bit afraid of heights, then I wouldn’t recommend walking/jogging the bridge either. The only thing keeping you from the river below is a metal fence made up of 2-3 cross bars. You pretty much get a wide open view of the water below. It’s pretty freaking looking down from the apex of the bridge. The wind whips your face and the boats below look like ants.

There is a little fishing bridge beneath the high-rise causeway that locals use all the time. J and Big Red have been know to shrimp (didn’t know that was a verb, did ya?) there from time to time. Unfortunately, the fishing bridge also attracts vagrants. Big Red was all concerned that a bum was going to club us and drag us under the bridge. I seriously doubt that a bum is going to attack two people in broad daylight in the middle of rush hour traffic. Especially when police periodically patrol the area. In fact, Steph and I did not see bum one yesterday evening. We did encounter an older Cuban man with a cane and staring problem. He was a little unsettling but we never felt fearful or threatened. Besides he was waiting for his wife to finish walking the causeway and if he did get uppity with us I know we could have taken him 🙂

I managed to jog up half the bridge, walk the rest of the way up, and walk down. On the way back to the car, I jogged up half the bridge and ran all the way down. Not too bad for a first timer. My legs are griping at me today though. It doesn’t help that I went to Zumba after the causeway either. Our instructor, who is normally pretty laid back, was on fire last night. She said she eat too many rice and beans and had to work it off. DUDE! It took some major effort to just hang on till the end!


In other news, the shuttle Atlantis landed here yesterday morning. I heard the twin sonic booms as I was dropping Wildman off at preschool. Check out this awesome photo from a photographer friend of J’s: