It’s Blast-tastic!

So, I mentioned a while back that we’re going to paint the house… We decided on the color Frangipane. Sounds funky, I know. But it’s a nice, subtle, orangey-cream. J and I are learning all about house painting process. More than we ever cared to know if you want the truth…

Over the weekend J tore down a decorative outcropping that had caved in. I guess it was supposed to be an ornamental wall or something that the builder decided to tack on to each side of the front of our home. Faux walls may have been all the rage in the ’80s when our house was built but they look a little hokey now. I was glad to see one of them go. Especially when J told me snakes lived in it! It was concrete block on the bottom and hollow, molded stucco on the top. The hallow part had cracked and then caved it. It added a sweet, ghetto look to our home. The other faux wall is still standing because it is in good condition and it conceals our emergency generator (we live in hurricane central, generators are quite handy). Once J plants some trees where the snake pit used to stand, the house won’t look unbalanced.

J also dug us a moat last weekend. By moat, I mean trench. J’s an over-achiever in trench digging. 🙂

Any hoo, J’s task today was bleaching our dwelling and then pressure washing it. Dude. I was not prepared for the crap that shot off of our house! It rained paint chips, people.

It looked like the Heavens opened up and poured forth snow on our lawn and driveway. The left hand side of our garage looks like this:

J looked like he’d done battle in a paint-chip-filled mud pit. And Cutie Pie had a blast watching all of the action from his safe vantage point.

Tomorrow, J is putting on a sealant and then Friday the paint goes up. Trim work and details like repairing damaged screens and caulking windows will probably be taken care of this coming weekend. I can’t wait to see the final product. Our house has looked kind of pitiful from the outside for so long. It’s going to be so nice to see it with a fresh coat of paint! I’ll be sure to post photos.


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