A Day That Changed My Family Forever

Yesterday, April 6th, marked the 40th anniversary of my grandparents’ death. I never knew them. They died in an explosion centered at their sporting goods store in Richmond, IN. Thirty-nine other people were killed that horrible day. My mom and aunt survived. They were 16 and 11, respectively. It was a tragedy that rocked my family. There is still so much pain and hurt over that devastating event. We hardly ever talk about it. The details I was given were sketchy at best.

Then my mom called today with news of the anniversary. I didn’t realize that it had been 40 years since the event. The topic has been hush-hush for years that I never knew the exact date of the explosion. And I never brought it up for fear of rehashing bad memories.

Here is the website commemorating the anniversary. And here is the website of the video that has been made about the explosion. My grandparents were Louise and Donald Marting, owners of Marting Arms.

Article about my clearing my family’s name.

The details about my family are not 100% accurate. My mother was not downtown at the time of the explosion. She was out riding horses with her friend. She saw the smoke from the stables. My aunt was the only one who was downtown. She and her grandmother, Jane Erbse, were heading toward Marting Arms. That part is true. There are other discrepancies that I won’t get into.

I want my mom and my aunt to tell their story. I’m working on my mother but I don’t know if she’ll ever do it. It’s so painful for them.  Understandably so.


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  1. hairyshoefairy
    Apr 07, 2008 @ 13:16:25

    What a tragic, horrible thing! I’m glad things are finally coming to light for you, though, so you know the truth.


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