100 Things About Yours Truly

Here it is, the obligatory 100 Things About Me list for my 100th blog post…

  1. I am 32-years-young.
  2. I notice lines on my face that weren’t there 10 years ago…
  3. I’m a klutz.
  4. I have two gorgeous sons, aged 3 and 1, who are the center of my universe.
  5. My husband is the most generous, adorable, patient, and handiest person I know.
  6. I love my husband with all of my heart.
  7. We’ve been married for 8 years and together for 14.
  8. I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom. It’s something I never had growing up.
  9. I used to be a chemical engineer before I had Wildman.
  10. I have an MBA from the University of Houston that I’ve never used professionally.
  11. I used to have to wear SCUBA gear for work because one of our intermediate chemicals was phosgene. Phosgene is a nerve agent used in chemical warfare…
  12. I don’t miss work all that much. Or living in Texas.
  13. Bacon is my friend.
  14. I have a corny sense of humor that many of my family members don’t get.
  15. Luckily I have a few close friends who “get” me!
  16. I have blue eyes.
  17. I have brown hair which has never been chemically highlighted or dyed in any way for fear of ruining my natural highlights. But when I start to get gray hair- watch out! I’m dyeing my hair!
  18. I’m an only child and I hated it!
  19. I promised myself that I would never have just one child.
  20. I’ve been sky diving solo (without an instructor strapped to my back).
  21. I’ve been cliff diving at Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica.
  22. I honeymooned in Italy with J: Rome, Pompeii, Pisa, Florence, Venice.
  23. I’ve been to Chile for an MBA study-abroad trip. We ventured into the center of the Earth via a Codelco copper mine shaft. I thought I might die in there…
  24. The first car I ever bought was a brand new Mustang GT. I loved that car!
  25. I have an overly sensitive scalp. I can’t stand people brushing my hair or massaging my head.
  26. I’m a chocoholic.
  27. You can’t leave me in a room alone with a key lime pie or carrot cake either.
  28. Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies.
  29. I love to go barefoot.
  30. I love to have my teeth cleaned at the dentist.
  31. I’m kind of a neat freak. The house must be picked up by the end of the day but I usually clean it up several times throughout the day.
  32. I love the rain, especially the sound of it on the roof at night.
  33. I love snow skiing though I’m not very good.
  34. I’m a SCUBA diver.
  35. I want to learn to fly airplanes.
  36. I want to learn piano and guitar.
  37. I want to learn to sew.
  38. I prefer red wine over white.
  39. A perfect date night for me is dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, browsing a bookstore, and going to a movie.
  40. I wear contacts.
  41. I want laser eye surgery.
  42. I love to swim.
  43. Visiting St. Augustine was a regular occurrence in college. It’s one of my favorite places. St. Augustine at Christmastime is truly magical.
  44. I make a mean beer can chicken.
  45. I try to make one recipe out of Southern Living magazine each month. I’ve yet to try a crappy recipe from them. I trust their test kitchen 🙂
  46. Les Miserables captivates me.
  47. Tanning beds scare me.
  48. I’ve met Guy Harvey.
  49. Kenny Chesney has kissed me on the cheek.
  50. I like most kinds of music except Reggae.
  51. I love shopping.
  52. I love to decorate my home.
  53. I am insanely ticklish.
  54. I love roller coasters.
  55. I’ve never been motion sick.
  56. I’ve climbed to the top of Diamond Head in Hawaii. What a view!
  57. I believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to hang paper towels and toilet paper.
  58. I’m a Capricorn.
  59. I don’t believe in luck.
  60. Pillars of the Earth is my new favorite book.
  61. I wish I got out more… kids put your life on hold for a while…
  62. Scrapbooking is my number one hobby. J made me the sweetest scrap area for my crafting.
  63. Starbucks is my friend.
  64. My dad and I don’t speak.
  65. His wife doesn’t like me.
  66. Etsy.com is an internet haunt of mine.
  67. I want to build swimming pool in our backyard.
  68. I’m not a naturally social person and can be described as an introvert in new situations/around unfamiliar people.
  69. I hate reading lengthy e-mails.
  70. I don’t like tomatoes or beets.
  71. People who can’t spell or use proper grammar bother me.
  72. I’m not overly religious. I have so many questions…
  73. I shave the tops of my feet and toes.
  74. Afternoon naps are my friends.
  75. I’m a cat person, not a dog person.
  76. But I don’t want at pet.
  77. I love to visit our local art shows and eat kettle corn.
  78. Art History I & II were my favorite classes in college and yet I became an engineer.
  79. Condescending, social climbers make me itch.
  80. I want to go to Australia.
  81. An African safari is on my wish list as well.
  82. I love the Beatles.
  83. I’m a reality TV junkie.
  84. I love pedicures even though I don’t get them that often.
  85. I want to learn to ballroom dance.
  86. Zumba is my dancing outlet these days…
  87. My favorite color is blue.
  88. Irises are my favorite flower.
  89. I look forward to clean sheet day.
  90. I wish I could squeeze into my jeans from college.
  91. Walking to the beach with my family is the best. I hope my kids remember our walks fondly when their adults.
  92. I’m working on holding my tongue and listening more.
  93. I have a fiery temper.
  94. I love sushi!
  95. I sometimes wish I’d had a daughter not that I’d give up one of my boys for anything! And I’m not having anymore children. But part of me longs for a girl…
  96. I like to be aware of the time so I must wear a watch. My husband is the exact opposite.
  97. I’ve never operated a lawn mower.
  98. Monsters, Inc. is my favorite kids’ movie.
  99. Artificial cherry flavor is gross.
  100. I’m right-handed.

Outside Fun

Here are some photos from late this morning. The boys were dying to play outside. So, after we stopped by the gym to say hello to the nursery ladies who wanted to see Wildman, ran by Wal-mart and picked up Wildman’s dragon from the pottery shop, I let the boys loose in the backyard.

Wildman’s Dragon:

He painted this almost entirely by himself. You have no idea what an achievement this is for us! Last summer and into the fall, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with art. He hated art. Wildman would not sit still to color/paint/chalk/play dough for all the fruit snacks in the world. I’m thrilled that he’s finally taken an interest in this creative outlet. For a while there I thought I’d be doing kids’ crafts solo 🙂

The weather is gorgeous today so I filled up the pool early this morning before we headed out to run errands. By the time we got home, the water was perfect for splashing!

Cutie Pie was more interested in snacking and swinging at first.

J came home for lunch. That was a nice surprise! He tormented the kids for a while with a water squirter. Here you see Cutie Pie crawling for his life 🙂

Wildman enjoyed going down the slide while Dad shot him with water…

Future Abercrombie and Fitch Model, perhaps? Notice Cutie Pie in the background guzzling pool water by the bowlful…

Good times!