Outside Fun

Here are some photos from late this morning. The boys were dying to play outside. So, after we stopped by the gym to say hello to the nursery ladies who wanted to see Wildman, ran by Wal-mart and picked up Wildman’s dragon from the pottery shop, I let the boys loose in the backyard.

Wildman’s Dragon:

He painted this almost entirely by himself. You have no idea what an achievement this is for us! Last summer and into the fall, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with art. He hated art. Wildman would not sit still to color/paint/chalk/play dough for all the fruit snacks in the world. I’m thrilled that he’s finally taken an interest in this creative outlet. For a while there I thought I’d be doing kids’ crafts solo šŸ™‚

The weather is gorgeous today so I filled up the pool early this morning before we headed out to run errands. By the time we got home, the water was perfect for splashing!

Cutie Pie was more interested in snacking and swinging at first.

J came home for lunch. That was a nice surprise! He tormented the kids for a while with a water squirter. Here you see Cutie Pie crawling for his life šŸ™‚

Wildman enjoyed going down the slide while Dad shot him with water…

Future Abercrombie and Fitch Model, perhaps? Notice Cutie Pie in the background guzzling pool water by the bowlful…

Good times!


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  1. Aileen
    Apr 09, 2008 @ 12:44:50

    I’m coming over!


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