Vegas Trip: Part II

It’s about time I finish up my tale of my trip to Las Vegas… Don’t you think?

I left off with our night out at Moon. Moon is at The Palms hotel in the Fantasy Tower. We took a cab there because it was pretty far from our hotel, The Palazzo. All I could think about on the ride over there was Jenny McCarthy’s reality show, Party @ the Palms. And how I don’t fit in with Las Vegas’ hottest partying crowd… But, whatever, I figured it was would be interesting to check out. I could hang for one night.

It turns out Moon is connected to the Playboy Club so we could go back and forth between the two clubs. We went to the Playboy Club on the 52nd floor first to see what that was all about. It was a little disappointing if you want the honest truth. It was really small with a tiny dance floor and an entire wall of televisions. Tables surrounded the perimeter of the room and gaming tables run by bunnies filled the center. It’s the perfect venue for men who want to gamble, talk and smoke cigars. The outside walls were floor to ceiling glass. You felt like you could just tumble right out of the building. It was very surreal. But the view was amazing.

We wandered around a bit, had a drink and then left. We found the exit that lead to Moon. As we were leaving a gigantic bouncer took our drink and transfered them to plastic cups. Apparently Playboy Club glassware and Moon glassware do not mingle. 🙂 We took a very dark escalator up to Moon.

Moon was huge. It had great music and floors that lit up and changed color. Think Saturday Night Fever without the disco music. We ended up in one of the private bar areas talking when this Canadian guy invited Dr. Cindita and I to sit with him and his friends at their VIP table. Several things entered my mind: being the oldest ladies in our party we still had “it”, free drinks would be cool, and if these guys do anything inappropriate I’m leaving. We told them that we would join them and that we had two other friends who were with us. They welcomed all of us and it ended up being a great time. We sat under a plasma television and enjoyed the music and talked shouted over the noise. They bought Kiki several magnum bottles of champagne for her 30th birthday. The servers brought the champagne out with sparklers. It was quite a presentation. Nothing inappropriate was done or even suggested. Thank goodness!

Let me just say that I ended up in a bathroom stall at Moon that had a floor to ceiling window. That was an interesting experience. There I was peeing 53 stories in the the air for all the world to see… 🙂

We had a nice time with the Canadians but when we went to leave all of the alcohol I had consumed went straight to my head. The girls and I decided to go back to our hotel instead of going to another club. I have never been so thankful to see a hotel room. I don’t remember much after that. The next morning Dr. Cindita told me that they gave me an ibuprofen and changed me into my pajamas. The girls left me there and went out to breakfast. I had no clue. I’m such a lightweight when I drink. I’m was the only mom in the group after all. How often do I drink?! Hardly ever!

I packed up and left the next morning sans hangover. I escaped it with ibuprofen before drinking and after. It was awesome. I’m so glad I wasn’t miserable on the plane home. All in all it was a great trip and I had fun with my friends. But I’ve learned that Vegas is just not me.


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