Sweltering Outdoor Fun

It’s finally here. The sweltering heat of summer. It was 94 degrees today or something equally ridiculous. And wouldn’t you know it, Wildman begged me to play outside. I grudgingly obliged him. He soon realized what I meant when I said it was too hot outside when he insisted on going barefoot. He ended up doing the hot pavement cha-cha across our driveway until he found relief in the grass.

Here are the boys in the John Deere. We have a well worn path around our house thanks to this toy from Santa…

Hot weather calls for Capri Suns.

We kicked the soccer ball around a bit.

“The sidewalk is HOT, Mom!”

Sweet relief in the shade of the mailbox landscaping.

Gotta love Florida summers!


Epicurean Kids

Wildman loves to help me in the kitchen. But most of the time it’s not very convenient when I’m rushing around trying to feed two cranky, hungry children. Because we all know how little ones become whiny, sobbing masses when they get hungry… Mealtime is not a great time to slow down and let one of them wield a knife, ya know?

So, I’m scouring the Internet to find some fun, kid-friendly recipes for Wildman and I to try out during the summer. Setting aside specific, kitchen-related project time is my goal. Familyfun.com is my favorite place to go for fun ideas. They have pictures of every concoction and I’m a total sucker for pictures 🙂

Caterpillar pizza anyone? I think we’d have to couple this recipe with a reading of Eric Carle’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

And these little sailboats are too cute. (Ours won’t be included in the nifty sunset-over-water diorama)

Strawberry mice look fun but I’m not sure that the eyes, ears and noses will stay on…

Wildman would be all about a sandwich on a stick too! Spear-fishing ham cubes would go over in a big way.

And Mexican Sushi Bites sound fabulous. I’ll put my plug in for those. Would coupling these with virgin margaritas be wrong?

This is a start anyway! I’ll have to get a grocery list together.