Turkey Can Be Fabulous!

Hi, guys. I thought I needed to add a photo since my posts have been lacking in the visual image department lately. So, here I am after a day of cleaning the house from top-to-bottom, wading through voluminous laundry piles, getting rained on and keeping the kids under control. The smile is so fake… I’m really a brain dead zombie.

On to why I exclaim that turkey can be fabulous…

I’ve been waiting for J to go away on business so I could try out the Mar-a-Lago turkey burger recipe that Oprah raved about. J’s not a big fan of ground turkey no matter what recipe I use. And I didn’t want to endure the “*sigh* it’s okay…” routine that inevitably occurs when I make something using ground turkey. This is my lucky week- J left for D.C. on Monday! I seized my opportunity. My mom is usually game for trying new things so I called her up and invited her over for dinner tonight with the stipulation that she had to bring some dessert.

The recipe calls for a ton of ingredients including Major Grey’s Chutney. I finally figured out that Major Grey’s Chutney is a type of chutney and not a brand. Feel free to read about it on Wikipedia… I’ll wait. It’s not an easy thing to find around these parts. And I didn’t want to substitute another preserve-like substance because it seemed like it was a pivotal ingredient from the way the Mar-a-Lago chef went on and on about it. I searched high and low and finally located a jar of it at our local specialty/gourmet food store. SCORE!

I rounded up the rest of the ingredients at the store last night. I created the burgers this morning while Wildman was at vacation bible school (note: I put him in a dark shirt today). They were in the fridge and ready to go when we got home from Little Sports this evening.

OMG! They were SO darn good! Heaven on a bun. I’ve never had a more flavorful turkey burger in my life. I actually think J would go for one of these. I may make these for him if I ever feel up to chopping that much roughage again. 🙂 Yum! Now I know what all the talk was about. I highly suggest you try out this recipe!