Bloggy Giveaway!!!

I’ve decided to participate in the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival this quarter! Woo hoo! Who doesn’t love a giveaway?!

I’ve altered an adorable “Think Pink” lunch box for this event. It would be perfect to hold office supplies, hair ribbons, note cards, etc. The possibilities are endless, really. The cute handmade flamingo will hopefully bring a bit of the tropics to the winner. It’s my shout out to Florida 🙂

All you need to do to be eligible to win the “Think Pink” lunch box is leave one comment in the comments section of this post. Please submit one comment only. You will forfeit your chances of winning if you post more than once. The giveaway will begin once this announcement is published on Sunday, July 27th. I will randomly select the winner on Friday, August 1st at 3 PM EST. This drawing is limited to continental U.S. residents only. I will cover all shipping costs to the lucky recipient. You do not have to have a blog to win.

Good luck to you! And thanks for stopping by Adventures of Four!!!

***OOOPS! When I was doing some blog clean up on the afternoon of July 28th, I accidentally deleted several wonderful comments for entry into this drawing. Yipe! Have no fear! If you do not see your comment, please be assured that I have it in my e-mail records and it will be placed into the random drawing. I will number all of the entries in the order in which they were received. Please forgive me for having a “blond moment”*****



I hang on to clothes like none other. It’s as if I believe that these horrendous styles will come back in fashion some day. Perhaps I have an underlying fear that all of my cooler, more fashionable clothes will one day vanish and I’ll thank my lucky stars that I have my circa 1994 college jeans with which to clothe myself?! Ha! As if that will happen… I’m no longer a size seven. In fact, I don’t wear any pants from the juniors department anymore. That’s what marriage, having a desk job and then bearing two children will do to you. Thank you, mature, grown-up life. Thank you very much.

Seriously, I had so many pants in my closet that it was embarrassing. The clothing bar holding them was bowing under the pant bulk. I had high-waisted, tapered legged jeans. I had professional trousers from my days as an engineer and MBA student. I had pants I had never worn for various reasons ranging from “I’ll fit into them some day…” to “WTF was I thinking when I bought these?!” I found one pair of black pants that were made of the most awful material. I’m pretty sure that they could stand on their own and if I set fire to them they’d probably melt into a black ooze. Ugh! They were made of the worst of the worst synthetics. Again, what was I thinking?! I found a hideous pair of high-waisted capri pants that I bought for a cruise. They had this atrocious Japanese fan print on them. I don’t think I ever donned them, not even on the cruise.

It’s like I’ve had this weird pants collection going for 15 years. I would willingly give merchants money for their most awful pants. And I would hoard the ugly pants in my closet long enough for them to develop a layer of dust on the fold over the hanger. Yes, my closet is dusty. We’ve done a lot of home improvement projects, okay?! Dust flies when you renovate. I would move these pants too. From closet to closet, I would take my ugly pants where ever I would go… Until today. No more!

I did it. I did a pants reality check. I asked myself a series of questions when I looked at each pair:

  1. Are these from high school?
  2. Are these from college?
  3. Do these fit me? (either optimistically too small or post-baby huge?)
  4. Is that a hole in the butt pocket?
  5. Are embroidered jeans “in” anymore?
  6. Do these have tapered legs?
  7. Are these missing any buttons?
  8. Is the zipper broken?
  9. Would my grandmother wear these?
  10. Do these qualify as “mom” jeans?

If I answered “yes” to any of the above questions, the pants were immediately heaped into the “get the hell out of my house” pile. People, I had three huge bags overflowing with pants. I also threw out deformed plastic hangers that were the result of years of gravity tugging the ugly pants down to the Earth. It was pitiful. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I was a pants-hoarder. But I must say that I feel liberated now! No more disastrous pants!

If you think I’m now left with nothing to wear from the waist down. I say, “Oh, no, no!” I still have a bunch of pants left hanging in my closet. These are ones that I might actually wear this century, this year, or even tomorrow. It feels good to get this purging adventure off of my chest. Thanks for listening…

We’re Knights, That’s Right!

Yesterday found us at the Backyardigan’s Live show. I think every preschooler in our county was there! The Tale of the Mighty Knights was a fantastic stage adaptation of the cartoon. It kept the kids engaged, it was interactive and the music was great. The actors were not in full face masks so it was a little strange to see the characters with human faces. Beyond that, it was a great time out with kids.

Afterwards my friends and I took our six children to eat pizza at Uno‘s. The food was excellent. The kids were not. It was a long day for them. Understandably, they were tired. I was in preschool hell. They were animals… We were those people with obnoxious kids… I hate being those people. We did the best we could to control the masses then made a mad dash for the door when the bill was paid. *sigh* No amount of crayons and coloring pages could have held their attention. It was one of those times when I wish they were more grown up… My nerves were shot when I got home. Luckily, J swooped in to give Wildman and Cutie Pie their baths. I’ve never been more thankful to have him lend a hand. I had zero patience and I needed a serious time out. 🙂

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