Moose and Cutie Pie on Fine Motor Skills

I kept B’s daughter, Moose, this morning while she took the older boys to vacation bible school at her church. Between loads of laundry, I decided to have Cutie Pie and Moose do a little project to work on their fine motor skills. They made bracelets using pipe cleaners and beads. I let each of the them choose a colored pipe cleaner (they both selected orange) then I filled a little dish with beads and let them have at it.

Moose loved stringing the beads on the pipe cleaner.

Cutie Pie enjoyed it too. He is 6 months younger than Moose so he needed a little bit more assistance. But he tried very hard and actually got several beads on his pipe cleaner all by himself. Of course, he immediately removed them and threw them around the room…

They were proud of the final result:


“All I Am Saying…”

“…is give peas a chance!”

For Aileen 🙂