What a busy month August is turning out to be! We took the boys to Aquatica on Tuesday then J left to meet his friend for their annual Cape Hatteras surf trip on Wednesday, my mom has been all about dragging us out for retail therapy/back-to-school shopping for the past two days (J took my car and my mom’s car was in the shop so we had to go in J’s huge, jacked-up pick-up truck- not fun!), my in-laws took Wildman to the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and I’m cat-sitting all next week for my mom while she’s in the UK. Today I just want to veg out…

My vegging plans were somewhat foiled when I awoke to find this:

Craaaaaaaap! I heard the shelf fall in the middle of the night but thought it was a thunderstorm or something. I rolled back over and fell fast asleep. This was quite a surprise when I opened the closet door to get dressed this morning. *sigh*

J is still out of town and I’m not exactly what you’d call handy or drywall adept. He’s coming back Monday night and then returning to work on Tuesday morning. Sweet. I don’t have anywhere to put the clothes because I have the world’s tiniest master bedroom. Piling them on the bed won’t work because I have to sleep there.

It’s kind of ironic that J’s side was the one to fall because I clearly have more clothes than he does. I blame the self-destruction on the weight of these:

Yes, those are cassette tapes. He had three or more cases of cassettes stacked up on his top shelf. Have I mentioned that J is a hopeless pack rat? He didn’t want to store his precious tapes in the attic because the heat would damage them… You can imagine my reaction to this.

A. We don’t have a cassette player.

B. When are we ever going to gather ’round and listen to J’s old marching band recordings from high school?

C. Can’t we just throw these dinosaurs away? Nobody has cassette tapes anymore.

D. Don’t we have most of these songs (the non-marching band recordings) on MP3s?!

E. Who cares if they get damaged in the attic? See B.

The truth is, there’s just no arguing with J when he gets his heart set on something. Perhaps now that the closet shelf has collapsed under the weight of his tapes, I might actually get my way. Toss the tapes! Down with tapes!!!!! I might as well toss out his white socks while I’m at it…

So, here are some Aquatica photos to balance out the not-so-pleasant ramblings.

They had these nifty two-person rafts at the little kid water slides. The front seat of the raft had a bottom so the little kids wouldn’t fall through. The back part of the raft had a hole like a regular tube for the adult.

Cutie Pie assumed this position at 11 AM after participating in many fun water adventures 🙂

Lunch in the shade: