First Day of Preschool

Taking Wildman to his first day of preschool was much less traumatic for me compared to last year. It’s not such a big step when he’s done it before. Kindergarten will prove to be a whole different ball game, I’m afraid… Well, for me anyway! The first day of preschool wasn’t traumatic for Wildman either. Happily, he didn’t get hit in the face by a punk kid like last year. In fact, he had zero anxiety or shyness. He didn’t want to leave! He played with blue play dough, talked to his teacher and checked out all the fun things in the classroom’s science center. It put my mind at ease that he was so comfortable in his new surroundings. I was a little nervous putting him into a new school this year where he didn’t know anyone. But he was completely fine with it. I think it helped that he went to Vacation Bible School at the same church this summer. He was already familiar with the campus and he is in the same classroom that he had for VBS.

Wildman’s classroom is the one with the pink door. That’s his teacher, Mrs. Mack.

His classroom is bright and fun. There is so much to stimulate the children’s little minds.

Wildman’s teacher helped him put his name tag on the class schedule board. They work on name recognition a lot.

Checking out the science center.

Cookies and juice are always a hit with my son!

There are only eight children in Wildman’s class, thankfully. Last year he was in a class of ten. That proved to be a little bit much for one teacher to handle.

After the preschool open house I took both boys up to the park for some outside fun before the rains set in…