The Sounds from Outside

Right now, I’m sitting here listening to more of this:

But it’s dark. TS Fay has pretty much stalled on top of us… I wish J was here. I feel much more secure when he’s here to protect us and take care of us.

Steph and Big Red’s pool was overflowing at 7 PM. I can only imagine what it will look like in the morning.

School is canceled again for tomorrow. I’m anticipating another loooooong day.


And Then Fay Got Worse…

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Tropical Storm Fay is upon us. It’s been gray.

It’s been drizzling.

It’s been windy…

We’ve been keeping ourselves occupied building forts with couch cushions, sculpting with play dough, coloring with markers, watching the weather updates and playing with the cousins from next door.

Wildman even grabbed my camera and experimented with self portraits while I was on the phone. I find this photo so darling. Look at those beautiful, big brown eyes! I think I might have to frame it.

I found the most adorable rub-on phrases for the walls at Linens ‘N’ Things.

So, I busied myself with applying a phrase above my bedroom closet this morning. I think it turned out pretty sweet.

A touch of brightness on a dreary afternoon…