Dude, Where’s My Album?

Check out this nifty little acrylic album that I made at the 10th Annual Walt Disney World SDV.

I think it’s going to make a great Christmas gift for one of the grandparents this year!  I just need to tie a few coordinating ribbons on the metal rings and fill it with photos of the boys.  Viola!  Insta-gift!

The trick with decorating acrylic albums is to “hide” or mask your adhesive on both sides of the page.  Sometimes that means sandwiching stickers on top of one another so that you don’t see the back side of a sticker on a page.  Other times that means creative gluing.  It was a fun class to take even if the instructor was a bit of a beast.  I picked up some “insider tips” if nothing else 🙂

I took an exploding Christmas box album class as well.  I’ll have to share photos of that project when I get it back from my friend, B.  I left it in her car.  And why I left it in her car is an interesting story for another day…


Online Birthday Shopping

J’s 36th birthday is on September 25th.  I asked him for birthday gift suggestions.  A wish list, if you will.  *sigh*  In true J fashion, he sent me a list of things that I have no idea how to obtain…

I really would like to do a nitrox dive class, but its not really something you can “give” me.
I also would like a fixed mount fishing pole holder, some new handles, and a bungee tiedown for the kayak.

Handles?  What kind of handles?  Bungee cords?  Ugh, I’m at a complete loss here.  I’m went out on a limb and ordered something this morning that I know he’d never buy for himself.


J’s a total naure lover.  He clung to his childhood National Geographic magazine collection until a couple of years ago.  He has many, many volumes of a National Geographic leatherbound nature series.  I think he’s really going to love this Planet Earth box set.

J did go on to say that he wants an ice cream cake.  That I can do!