Chuck E.

Saturday evening found us at Cousin B’s spur-of-the-moment birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Orlando.

Cousin B’s family was planning to take him to the restaurant for a simple immediate family dinner out.  But it turned into a rather large extended family affair when Cousin B’s Mimi got wind of it!  She insisted on driving over and she brought her husband, Papaw, and the other set of grandparents, Auntie Jo and Chris as well.  I got a hasty phone invite from Steph on Saturday afternoon.  Wildman and Cutie Pie had never been to Chuck E. Cheese’s so I said we’d be there. I’m so glad we went!  Even if we did end up dragging ourselves home at 1 AM…

Wildman and Cutie Pie tried everything from skee ball to video games.  They had a blast!

Cousin B had a wonderful time too.  He enjoyed eating his chocolate birthday cake without a fork!  He just stuck his face into the plate and went for it.  Too funny!  Ahhh, to be 2 again!

Fortunately we had a few gifts put back for B!  All I had to do was pull one out of the closet and wrap it.  Hooray for pre-planning!

Cousin B spent Sunday at the Magic Kingdom and today at Animal Kingdom.  Sounds like a terrific birthday to me!

Happy Birthday, Little Man!!!  We love you!