More Craftiness Coming at You

Here’s the exploding Christmas box album that I made in Orlando last month.  It’ll be a gift for one of the lucky grandmothers this year 🙂

It’ll look more full when I finish embellishing and actually add some photos to the inside.  But you get the idea, right?  I love how there are pockets with tags built into the inner layer.  You can just make out two of them in this photo (left and bottom).

Somehow I opened my trap about my newly acquired exploding album skills and ended up as the hostess of our first Lab School Moms’ Night Out of the school year.  That’s right.  I’m having a craft night at my house on the 30th of September where I will teach a bunch of novice scrappers how to make these.  So much for MY NIGHT OUT this month…  Oh, well.  It should be fun to craft and eat cake with the lovely Lab School moms.

My other craft projects these days revolve around my best friend’s upcoming wedding shower.  I’m thrilled that Dr. Cindita is finally getting hitched!  She’s having a destination wedding in Fiji.  It will just be the two of them at the ceremony.  Romantic, no?

Anyway the shower is this Sunday!  Yipe!  That’s so close!!!!  A group of us have been planning a whole weekend celebration for her that wraps up on Sunday with a shower brunch at a local restaurant’s wine tasting room.  Friday and Saturday’s events will be much less classy to say the least- think drinking, dancing, veils and flashing pink lights…  I’ll have to photograph the cake I’m making for Friday night.  I found the most hilarious cake topper for it!  And it’s actually PG-rated.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I won’t make the cake until Thursday evening.  Back to the crafts!  I’ve made several things for the shower to help make it more personal for Dr. C since the brunch will be at a wine tasting room and not at someone’s house.

First up is the banner that I created to either tie to Dr. C’s chair or string around her place setting.  It has tons of bling and glitter that is difficult to see in this particular photo.

I made little cards to put at each guest’s seat.  Half of the cards say “Love” and half have a little glittery heart in the center.

The favor boxes are from a kit I found at Wal-mart, of all places.  I thought they were just darling.  I added the brown drawstring bag to the back that I will fill with assorted chocolates.   I personalized the front of the dress with the event title and date.

I’m off to finish up my favors!