“Look at the Camera and SMILE!”

Being the slacker mom that I am, I procrastinated on the family photo that Wildman needs for a preschool project on Monday.  We don’t really take family photos that include the four of us.  It’s usually some combination of J and I and our kids but never all four of us.  You will rarely find us at a photo studio getting a group shot either.  In fact, the last time we took a group photo was for Wildman’s preschool art project last year…  It was much of the same: me procrastinating and hurriedly posing my sweaty family in front of my point and shoot camera held at arms length.  I actually considered sending in last year’s photo to Wildman’s teacher tomorrow.

Last Year's Family Photo

This is almost an acceptable submission except Cutie Pie still looks pretty infantile what with his two teeth and all…  J, Wildman and I look pretty much the same though.

Given that Cutie Pie’s chub and lack of teeth/hair in the above photo would reveal my slackerly ways, I decided to round up the troops for another photo this evening.  They weren’t all sweaty from the park this year.  Nooooo!  They were salty, wet and sandy from the Lab School picnic at the beach.  Awesome!  No oxford shirts and chinos for this family!  My kids are soggy and topless 🙂

What do you think?

2008 Family Photo

2008 Family Photo

Wildman insisted on using his play house/swing set as a backdrop.  You can see him on the slide waaaay behind us.  It’s like A, Cutie Pie and J featuring Wildman.  But whatever!  At least we’re all looking at the camera, right?  And we’re somewhat smiling, right?


Days 1 and 2

7 Days is upon us again!  I decided to participate in the Fall challenge this time around.  7 Days (for those who don’t already know) is a Flickr group that challenges its members to take and post self-portraits each day for a week.

Day 1: I was laughing as Cutie Pie tried to take the camera.  This wasn’t the shot that I had intended but I like how it turned out.  It was a very honest moment.

Day 2: The theme for today is “Action”.  I decided to kick up my heels in our kitchen.  This is a funny photo for two reasons.  The first being J’s reaction when he saw me taking a self portrait mid-kick this afternoon.   He thinks I’ve lost it, I’m pretty sure.  The second reason is that the black cat Halloween decoration on my pantry door seems to be protruding from my rear end…  One observant 7 Day-er kindly pointed this out in my comments…  Sweet!  I’m nothing if not entertaining.