Kennedy Space Center

Saturday found us at the Kennedy Space Center.  This weekend KSC opened it’s doors free to all Brevard County residents.  We knew it would be a mad house but we decided to go anyway.  The boys had never been and saving over $150 is always a plus.  I can’t believe how much the Space Center has changed since I was a kid.  It’s more like a theme park today than the museum of my childhood.  There’s so much more to look at and do.

Cutie Looking Up in Awe of an Astronaut Suit

Cutie Looking Awestruck by Spacesuit

We took the bus tour out to several points of interest at the Cape.  Each stop was amazing.  They were mini-visitor complexes complete with movies, snacks, displays and gift shops.  When I was a kid they stopped on the side of the road, let you off the bus to take pictures and that was it.  The boys had a really good time seeing all of the sights even if they didn’t really know what they meant.

Launch Pad A with Space Shuttle Atlantis

Launch Pad A with Space Shuttle Atlantis

J and the boys in front of an Apollo space capsule.

J and the boys in front of an Apollo space capsule.

After the bus tours we headed back to the main Visitor Complex for lunch and ice cream.  We ended up running into our friends B and F and their kids.  They joined us over at the kid dome play area to let the kids blow off some steam and then went to the Rocket Garden with us.

Space Capsule in the Rocket Garden

Space Capsule in the Rocket Garden

We had a great time and the boys were completely exhausted by the time we left at 4 PM.  It’s something that I want to do again with them when they are a little older and can understand more about the space program.


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  1. onescrappygal
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 10:17:12

    Unrelated story. When we were stationed at Kings Bay Naval Base, my husband was on deployment aboard the USS West Virginia. While he was gone, I got into a bad car accident on my way to work. I was out of work on disability for a few months to recover, courtesy of workman’s comp. I saw a chiropractor a few times a week and was on a lot of happy drugs. I also got braces on my teeth during that time. Because my car was trashed… I had this cute red sporty number I was driving (huge change from the geo metro) that the insurance company was footing the bulk of the bill for.

    Long story short, the boat pulls into Cape Canaveral. The wives find out about it ahead of time. Since I’m not working, and it’s only a few hours drive, I go to meet him and surprise him. HE was the one surprised… seeing a red car and me with braces. I hadn’t told him about my accident or that I was having dental work done. 🙂

    Ahhh… memories. I hope to visit the museum someday!! It’s one of those things we never did while there.


  2. onescrappygal
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 10:18:53

    P.S. Any time you can save $150 is a bonus in my book!!

    Did you get some astronaut ice cream while there?


  3. Angela
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 18:40:01

    Oh, now now…you think I went to a corn maze and didn’t take any photo’s of the corn? Silly, silly girl. There is another page, coming right up, using the corn maze tag. The other two tags will soon follow, on pages of their own. Don’t worry. I really do love the little tags and plan to use them all.


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