Shape Mom Strikes Again

You may recall my red circles from September?  October is yellow squares month at Cutie Pie’s Lab School.  As this year’s shape mom I get to cut out a bazillion (a real number, I’ve counted them) of these little suckers.  Since I’m adding a texture element to them, I decided to go easy on myself this month and cut them out of craft foam.  Behold:

October is yellow square month.  Why isnt it orange?

October is yellow square month. Why isn't it orange?

I’m so screwed when the shapes become more complicated.  I might get carpal tunnel with diamonds…  Don’t you love how mundane my worries are these days?  Oh, the trials of a shape mom…  It’s laughable, really.


In other Lab School news, I’m so off the hook for hosting craft night at our home!  Woo hoo!  Originally, it was supposed to be this evening but a parenting lecture series ended up falling on the same date.  We rescheduled it for next Tuesday, October 7th.  Then J came home today and notified me that he has to be in DC for work all next week.  That means I have no backup for an entire week.  I’ll be insane and in no state of mind to host at Girls’ Night Out over here.  I told the social coordinator to keep the restaurant dinner plans the same for the 7th and that we’ll do craft night at some other time.


In even more Lab School news, I have to tell you that I was in no way prepared for the amount of drama that has come up in the three short weeks that we’ve been going.  Seriously, it’s been crazy.  One mom (who has already dropped out, thankfully) tried to have an affair with another mom’s husband over the summer!  The husband put an end to the advances of “the predator” and confessed everything to his wife.  The wife is not handling things well as this “predator” was supposedly a good friend.  She’s lost so much weight that she looks like a skeleton, she talks a mile a minute and is completely scatterbrained.  I think she might snap.

The “predator” dropped out of Lab School before the semester began and then several of her remaining friends followed suit.  Our Lab School numbers have been dwindling…  I’m not sure how some of the other women can remain friends with a lady who has a history of hooking up with married men…

Another mom had a complete meltdown last week about being the scheduled as the snack provider three times in the fall…  She had a shouting match with the instructor about how unfair it was.  WTF?  It’s crackers, fruit and water for Pete’s sake.  I cannot even believe this is an issue.  So, there’s all this tension due to the snack mom debacle.  It’s a mess.

Then there’s this earthy mom who does not wear deodorant.  It’s awful to be near her.  It’s 90 something degrees outside and she’s obviously sweating a lot.  Can’t she just absorb a little aluminum for the sake of our noses?  Please?!

When I was in Lab School with Wildman, we didn’t have any drama.  None.  Zero.  We were boring folk.  Now, I’m boring folk and everyone else has issues…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. onescrappygal
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 10:06:21

    Wow!! Forget Days of our Lives!! Lets call it Days of our Lab School!

    I can’t get over the amount of drama! I’m sure there’s the same amount of drama with both kids’ schools…but being the antisocial deaf person that I am… I’m not privvy to any of that info!! 🙂

    That’s OK. We have enough to deal with at home. Don’t we Mr. Bear? That’s right! Ballerina girl doll WAS rude to you this evening…


  2. Angela
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 13:17:23

    OMG, Lab School sounds like a ton of fun! I’m sure yoiur children are learning a ton! LOL!


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