Happy Halloween

We came, we saw, we got a sugar high…  It was a great Halloween!  Hope yours was too!


Recap: Boo at the Zoo

Okay, so, Boo at the Zoo was like two weeks ago…  But I wasn’t able to retrieve the photos until my father-in-law took pity on me and loaned me his camera.  I was able to use my memory stick in his camera upload to my heart’s content.  Yeah!  Without further ado, I give you a recap of our zoo’s Halloween celebration.

Here are my boys waiting to go into the African portion of the zoo.  Unfortunately the giraffes and rhinos were asleep for the night by the time we arrived.  The boys did manage to score some candy and gift certificates for free kids’ meals at Bob Evans though.  We’ve never eaten at a Bob Evans.  Is it good?

Here’s my mom (Yaya) with Wildman.  She bought him a flashing necklace thing that I was soon thankful for having.  It helped us keep track of him in the crowds.

The boys played some games that were set up on the banquet hall’s deck.

You may have noticed that Cutie Pie was not screaming and whining in his dragon costume.  He totally forgot that he had it one once we strapped him in his car seat and headed out to the zoo.  He was such a good sport about it all evening.  Of course, trick-or-treating does tend to take one’s mind of one’s troubles…

And Yaya was there to make everything great too.  I’m sure my mom would love to know that I photographed her rear end and put it on the Internet.  Shhhh.  Don’t tell 🙂

Big Red decided to help boost his lawn care business by sponsoring a booth this year.  His castle was pretty cool.  It had little cut out windows in the walls where he put photos of his landscapes.   Big Red couldn’t take credit for for it though.  Steph’s sister’s boyfriend, Dude, designed it, built it, set it up and stored it.

Check out this carved pumpkin.  They were set up on poles throughout the zoo.  They looked so pretty glowing at night.

That’s about all I’ve got from Boo.  I could have shared a photo of Steph’s sister (my cousin, Jo) dressed up as a slutty bee handing out candy at Big Red’s castle but I’ll spare you.  That’s my family!  We have some members who are a tad inappropriate 🙂  We’ll keep them anyway.  They keep things interesting…

We Painted the Spookies and School Pictures are Here

This is what greeted me when I went to put some dishes in the dishwasher last night.  Four painted spookies peered through my window.  Wildman must have gone out on the porch before bedtime and turned them all around.  They were drying on some newspaper on the bar outside.

Painting the spookies from the pumpkin patch was our afternoon art project on Sunday.  I was completely bummed about doing such a fun thing with Wildman without the ability to photograph it.  It was a lot of fun slopping yellow, white, orange and black paint onto the baby pumpkins.  The orange and black paints were glittery and a tad runny.  I thought they’d be easier to apply but they weren’t.  The glitter kind of stuck together in clumps.  Oh, well.  It was all about spending quality time with my oldest and not about the outcome.  He was completely unfazed by the clumpy glitter paint.  Wildman was all about applying as much paint on his pumpkins as he could manage with two paint brushes.  It was very cute.

To my surprise, J went over to his parents house to borrow their camera last night.  Yeah!  He needed to take a photo of a frayed cord on his fancy new kiteboarding kite.  He’s hoping to have a new cord sent to him by the factory.  I’ve held the in-laws’ camera hostage for a couple of days 🙂  This is me happy to be uploading photos again:

I’ve gone a little nuts photographing random stuff… like painted pumpkins…

And Wildman with the pumpkin…

Wildman’s preschool photos came back today.  The company that took the photos did not do a proof/order form system.  They just printed a bunch of sheets of each pose they took and brought them to the school today to let us buy them.  It was instant gratification.  Of the three poses they took of Wildman, one completely stood out.

How cute is that?!

They threw in a bonus tote with our kid’s photo on it for robbing us blind on the photo packages.  I like the way it came out.

Tote with School Photo

Tote with School Photo

So, there you have it folks.  I’m able to provide some photos to spruce up the blog for a few days…  Be prepared for more randomness.

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