Jewelry Issues

Today, I went to the jewelry store with four things that needed to be addressed:

  1. The diamond fell out of my engagement ring on Tuesday night!  AH!  I KNOW!!!  *sinking feeling in my stomach*  *heart at once pounding and then stopping*  *cold sweat*  I had a heart attack, I’m sure of it!!!  When I pulled myself together enough to search the house I was amazed to find it on the tile floor of my pantry.  That is one of the luckiest things to have ever happened to me.  It’s now at the jeweler being reset into a six-prong mount instead of a four that I previously had.
  2. Cutie Pie lost one of my beloved 8.5 mm black pearl and diamond earrings a while back.  My mom gave them to me for my birthday in January and I haven’t had the heart to tell her what happened.  I’m just secretly having a replacement earring made.  The jeweler said it will take some time to find a match but I don’t care.  I just want my set back!  I love those earring!  LOVE THEM!  And have been so bummed that I am not able to wear them.
  3. I decided to have my mother/child pendant set with the boys’ birthstones.  Mine looks like the link photo except the child half of the circle is white gold instead of yellow.  The blue topaz (December) and garnet (January) stones will be mounted on the child’s side of the circle.  I’m looking forward to seeing it in a week to ten days.  It should be really lovely.
  4. Since I was making the trip to the jeweler, my cousin asked me to pick up a necklace that she had “in the shop”.  I brought her claim ticket in and paid for her new and improved necklace for her.  It will save her a trip.

Isn’t that crazy?  When it rains it pours, I guess.

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  1. hairyshoefairy
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 17:43:45

    Losing my diamond is a nightmare of mine. Thank goodness it’s insured. And thanks for reminding me I need to take it in to be inspected this month. Good luck with all your jewelry stuff. I want to see a picture of the black pearl and diamond earrings. They sound beautiful.


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