A while ago Bethany wrote about making up funny new lyrics to old songs.  I commented that I did this a lot myself.  My current song of choice is Stand by REM.  I substitute Wildman’s real name for the word ‘stand’.  It cracks both of us up.  He pretends to be all offended about me using his name in the song but can hardly keep a straight face.  I think he’s kind of honored actually.  We go back and forth all day…

Me: “Wildman in the place where you live!”

Wildman: “Mom in the place where you live!”

Me: “Now face North.”

Wildman: “Huh?”

Me: “Think about direction.  Wonder why you haven’t before.”

Wildman: “Mooooooom!  Stop it.”

Me: “Ok.” *pause* *pause* *pause* “Wildman in the place where you live!”

Wildman: “Moooooom!”

I downloaded Stand on iTunes this afternoon just for his listening delight.  He’d never heard the song and I have long since disposed of my REM tape from high school.

Here are my boys rocking out to Stand before bed this evening.  WordPress is not letting me put my video into my blog post.  Pardon my lyric butchering and off-key singing…  I’m such an immense dork, I know.


If I Started a Band…

I’d want it to be called…

An excerpt from Wildmans October preschool calendar.

An excerpt from Wildman's October preschool calendar.

I’d probably play the cowbell (since I can’t really play any other instrument) and  wear these new shoes from Seychelles in my band too.  Aren’t they cute?!

Would you come to see The Emotional Pancakes with their cowbell-playing, cute-shoe-wearing singer?