What a Florida Pumpkin Patch Looks Like

This morning found us at the Church at Viera’s pumpkin patch.  It was a balmy 83 degrees outside.  Not at all Fall-like weather 🙂

This is the second weekend that it’s been open.  I was a little concerned that the pumpkins would be picked over.  Happily, they were not.

It didn’t take Wildman long to find “THE ONE”!  J and tried to convince him to pick one that was not completely flat on one side but he was having none of it.  He had to have this pumpkin.  It was meant to be his, I guess.

So, J helped him load it into the little red wagon.

Cutie Pie had fun sitting in the wagon with his “spookie”.  That’s what the little pumpkins were called, “spookies”.  We ended up with four spookies…  I think I see a pumpkin painting project in our future.

One of the teen aged patch workers offered to take our photo for us.

It turned out to be a nice family outing!  Wildman wants me to make a pumpkin pie from scratch from the contents of his monster pumpkin…  Does anyone know how to go about doing that?  I’m a pumpkin-from-a-can kind of gal…