The Ant and the Elephant

Wildman’s preschool arranged for them to go see The Ant and the Elephant play last Thursday.  I used this opportunity to turn the day into Wildman and Mommy time.  We went to the play in the morning, ate lunch at ‘the smoothie store’ (Nature’s Table), came home to rest, then went to story time at the library.  It was so nice to spend the one-on-one time with him while my mother-in-law kept Cutie Pie.  Our time together, just the two of us, is very limited.  I know Wildman appreciated it.  In fact, he told me so 🙂



On Sunday afternoon I sat beneath this building:

Looked at this view:

Then proceeded to take a nap in the sun.

As you can imagine, the Yoga Journal Conference was so relaxing.  I wouldn’t call myself a practicing yogi or anything but I could easily become one after this weekend.  I learned so much about breathing, meditation, posture, and anatomy.  The health benefits of yoga are practically limitless.  No wonder professional athletes practice yoga and meditation.

Tito is amazing for giving me access to free passes to this event!  Thank you, Tito!

My cousin and I talked our way into partners yoga class.  We ended up doing things like this:

Acro Yoga is insanely fun and easier than it looks.  Believe me, I didn’t think I could ever ‘fly’ anyone heavier than my four-year-old.

We also managed to squeeze in a trance dance session.  It was like nothing I’ve experienced before.  Imagine a dark room full of spandex-clad people sitting in rings around an instructor.  The instructor gradually walked us through a meditation and then started the music.  It began softly and we swayed to it.  Then she slowly allowed the music to build in tempo and volume until all 100 of us were jumping around and moving where ever the rhythm took us.  The music ranged from Indian chants to Message in a Bottle by Sting to crazy electronic trance tunes.  It was so fun and a new spin on yoga, to say the least.  I left the room feeling like I’d just run 10 miles.

By the end of the weekend I actually laughed at a yoga joke.  It scared me that I got the humor in what the instructor was saying 🙂

I think I’m going to have to make more time for this yoga business.  I really enjoy the strength training and relaxation that it brings.