Rudy: A Christmas Craft

One of the crafts that Wildman and I have done together this holiday season is making Rudolph ornaments for his classmates and friends.


a box of medium-size craft sticks

wood stain in your choice of color (I think we used walnut)

Elmer’s glue

self-adhesive googly eyes

red pom-poms for the nose

festive ribbon

red buttons to finish off the ribbon loop on the back

We set up our own little Rudolph making factory on our back porch.  I was in charge of staining the craft sticks and Wildman was in charge of gluing on the eyes and noses.  The night before we decorated them, I stained a bazillion (not an exact number but it felt like it) craft sticks while watching television.  I let them dry overnight then glued them into the triangle shapes that would become reindeer heads.

Wildman slapped the self-adhesive eyes (these are so easy to work with) on and glued the noses in place.  He loved the process of creating the ornaments. There was just enough for him to do to keep his attention and it was not  tedious at all.  He didn’t feel overwhelmed or bored.  It’s nice that he’s finally old enough to want to do craft projects with me.

Once the faces were dry I glued a bit of ribbon on the back and topped it off with a red button.  Voila!  They were tree ready!


Thank You Bethany!

My ornament  swap partner in the Color Me Happy Swaparooni (the best flickr groupever) was the wonderful Bethany Actually!

Check out my JOY ornament!  Isn’t it beautiful?!  It has a place of honor on our tree and always will.  I just love how bright and cheerful it is.  Bethany did a fantastic job designing and painting this one!

Wildman and Cutie Pie loved their ornaments from Bethany’s daughter, Annalie, as well!  Annalie did a fantastic job painting the candy canes.  Thank you for thinking of my boys, Bethany and Annalie.  They loved their ornaments too and felt so special when they got a package in the mail.

Yes, they’re wearing their Peanuts Christmas shirts again.  They love them and can really only wear them for a month so you’ll probably be seeing them a lot 🙂

These three ornaments make me smile when I look at them.  I hope Bethany liked what we sent half as much as we like these!