Care Dits

Cutie Pie’s vocabulary is really taking off these days.  He’ll be two in January and is learning how to express his wants and desires.  An example came last night before dinner.  J got out the hummus and chips to munch on as an appetizer.  I love baby carrots with my hummus so I got the container out.  Carrots are Cutie Pie’s favorite vegetable.  He spied the container across the room and came running.  “Care dits!  Care dits!  Care dits!”  He wouldn’t let up until we fed him one five.  It was so cute.

I had to capture this memory.

He also says “bloon” instead of balloon.  I love it!  He just ran past me shounting “bloon, bloon, bloon!”  looking for the leftover mylar balloons from Wildman and Auntie Jo’s December family birthday party.  We celebrate the family birthdays each month with a little get together, cake and presents/cards.  It’s a nice way to keep in touch with the extended fam.  We have birthdays in every month except July and August.