Gumdrop Trees: Another Christmas Craft

The kids and I decided to make gumdrop trees as another Christmas craft project yesterday afternoon.  It was so easy and held their attention for a good 45-minutes.  Wildman discovered that he doesn’t really care for gumdrops.  He declared them “too spicy”.  This is a good thing since we’d probably have run out of gumdrops if he liked them.  He’s a candy lover!

Here’s what you need to make your own trees:


Craft foam cones

Bag of gumdrop candies


The boys enjoyed spearing the gumdrops with the toothpicks and sticking them into the craft foam.  It helps to break the toothpicks in two (it’s less toothpick to force into the craft foam).  I assisted Cutie Pie by sticking the toothpick halves into the foam and letting him put the gumdrops on.  Wildman did his all by himself.

Wildman also enjoyed experimenting with the Tinker-Toy-like properties of gumdrops and toothpicks.

He also liked drinking the leftover sugar at the bottom of the bowl when we had finished…  The boy has a sweet tooth like his mom.

Here’s what we ended up with.  Cute, huh?!


Reenactment of the Christmas Program Meeting

I got roped into the parent volunteer group at Wildman’s preschool.  The Christmas program is coming up next week and we met to discuss preparations for the refreshments.  I pretty much sat there like this while the meeting coordinator went over the meager budget and the pro/cons of carrot sticks and candy canes.

I was doing my best to look interested.  Splitting hairs over the color composition of the buffet table and the optimal temperature of hot cocoa is not really my thing.

This is probably how I looked when asked if I knew of a good punch recipe.

I probably also gave this look when one of the moms went off about her child’s distaste for peppermint and how we should change the menu to accommodate her darling.

Here’s me when the complaining mom was overthrown by the parental majority of peppermint loving kiddies.

I’m in charge of punch.  One tub of peppermint icecream and two 2-liters of Sprite.  Score!  I can do that.  The peppermint haters can have luke warm hot cocoa or water, right?  I mean really…