No Go

I’d been fantasizing about margaritas, Mexican food and a movie with just my husband this evening. Looks like it’s a no-go and I’m depressed. *sigh*

I think I would seriously kill for a ‘rita on the rocks and an order of spinach enchiladas.  Instead I’m having a Merry Mint Pattie Pity Party.

I’m pathetic.  I know.

(No, I’m not naked in the above photo.  You can see my ghetto tank top strap/regular bra strap combo peaking out through my hair.  I had a cute sweater on earlier but it got so darn hot that I took it off.  I cropped out my other shoulder where my straps were practically gleaming in their classiness. That’s me, pure class.)

Hey, check out my sassified toes.  If they don’t say “Christmas cheer” then I don’t know what does.

My pinkie toenail broke so it’s sadly shorter than the others.  But it’s festive nonetheless.

Lordy, I’m grasping at straws today!