The Gift of Granite

J and I decided to go practical this Christmas by agreeing to complete some annoying home improvement projects.  One such project was the kids’ bathroom vanity.  We had remodeled the bathroom a couple of years ago when we found a water leak in the wall due to the crappy shower plumbing.  The entire bathroom was gutted.  We put in a travertine floor and shower, a new fiberglass tub, a new toilet, brushed nickel hardware, white molding around the existing mirror and new cabinets.  We lost steam and funds when it came to replacing the 80’s marble vanity top.  We simply set the old counter top back on the new cabinets.  Ghetto, I know but it worked for us for a couple of years.

Here’s a before photo of the kids’ bathroom.  This was taken before we bought the house.  I don’t claim this decor at all.  You should have seen the rest of the house!

Here’s the after.  Kindly ignore the kid grime on the mirror.

Yep, we went from one pitiful sink to two brand spanking new ones!  The kids don’t fight over the faucets or the step stool anymore!  Yeah!

I’m so happy to have this project checked off the list.  Now if I can just get J to put in a pool…


Nap Time is My Blog Time

I thoroughly exhausted the boys at the park.  We met a bunch of friends at the park for lunch today.  Wildman got so tired that he actually requested a nap.  He opened the car, strapped himself into his seat and said he was ready to go home for a nap.  Can you believe that?!  I hope he’s not getting sick or something.

So, I found myself with a bit of time on my hands this afternoon.  I decided to assemble a discovery bottle out of yesterday’s Dasani cast off.  It’s simply water, vegetable oil and a dash or two of glitter.  I probably should have used a colorless oil like mineral oil but I’m all for using what’s on hand…  As a result, the discovery bottle looks a tad wonky with a yellow oil layer.  I doubt the kids will mind though.  I’ve left it on the coffee table for when the boys wake up.  Don’t worry, I made sure to glue the lid on.  My boys love to take things apart so I’m confident that this bottle will be no exception.

My Latest Obsession

My mom let me borrow this HBO miniseries on DVD.  Wow, is it good!  Who knew Paul Giamatti was so amazing?  I always thought of him as kind of a goofy, puffed-up supporting actor.  I am truly taken with him in his role as John Adams.  I’m also getting quite a dose of fascinating American history.

Don’t get me started on Laura Linney.  She’s tremendous as Abigail Adams.

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