Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve was spent at Auntie Jo’s house party.  We were the token hip, older couple with kids.  At what point did I go from being a twentysomething party goer to one half of a hip older couple?!  Argh!  It was a fun night nonetheless.

I discovered the goodness that is vodka and Juicy Juice.  Random, I know!  We found out that our kids can hang at an adult party until 1 AM without one single meltdown.  We also got to check out my ex-stepbrother’s gigantic side/torso tattoo.   I can’t believe he actually got one.  It looks like Little Red Riding Hood kneeling next to a white tiger under a tree.  Kids these days…  Why do they need to tat themselves up?  I’m sure the tattoo has some deep, angst-ridden meaning but I fail to see it.

It was a very  different way for our family to ring in the new year.  I hope this means that 2009 will be a better year than 2008.  And I hope your 2009 is amazing!