Oars and Paddles

The boys’ birthday party was a ton of fun this afternoon!  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Everything went smoothly.  Nobody got seriously injured or fell in the water, thank goodness!  Even though we had 10 life jackets on the dock and an almost 2:1 adult to child ratio, I was still worried about one of the little ones falling into the canal.   I can’t help it.  I’m a worrier.

The kids worked up a thirst playing in the sun.  We came with three coolers loaded with drinks.  When we left we had only a handful of sodas remaining.  It’s a sure sign of some serious partying when the water and juice boxes run out.

Wildman and his buddy, Camper, had a good time hiding out in the bushes by the floating dock.  I think they were playing camping or bears or something equally adventurous.

J was one of three kayak captains for the afternoon.  Our friends, B and Frankie, brought their two kayaks and helped give rides to the kids also.  The kids LOVED the kayaks!  So many of them were first-timers.  Nobody was really afraid to try it.  There were no tears or jitters.  I was very impressed with their bravery!  Some dolphins swam by as a special treat for the kids too.  It was so neat to see them up close.

We sent the party goers home with goody bags consisting of canteens, compasses, bug tattoos, sticky rocks (that feel and look like sheep testicles…  I didn’t realize this when I ordered them!), magnifying glasses and camping-themed necklace kits.

Our house looked like Christmas again when we unloaded all of the birthday presents from the car.  I seriously need to re-evaluate the toy storage situation at our house.  I anticipate a baby toy donation run in my future.

Wildman was most appreciative for all of his gifts.  We duked it out in the front yard with his new Hulk Hands this evening.  Good times!

Cutie Pie thought his set of Hulk Hands were “scary”.  I’m sure he’ll warm up to them soon enough.  I anticipate breaking up many a Hulk Hand fight in the future.  But he loved his all of his presents too.

It was an awesome afternoon spent with family and friends.


Party, Party

Today we’re hosting the boys’ combined birthday party at the park! Wildman’s birthday is in mid-December and Cutie Pie’s is in mid-January. Instead of hosting two separate parties with their friends, we’re doing a joint affair at one of their favorite parks.

We decided to do an outdoorsy/nature/bug/camping/kayaking themed party this year. There will be pizza, cake, gummi worms, s’mores crackers, Goldfish crackers and more to eat. J and another dad friend are bringing their kayaks to give the kids rides. We’re setting up the sand table with hidden bugs for a little excavation exercise. The castle-themed playground will be loads of fun too.

Stay tuned for photos.