A Special Gift

Wildman and I are laying on the ground together.  Do you know where we are?

Let me give you a hint…

This is the view looking up:

Still don’t know where we are?

Okay, then I’ll just show you.  Here:

We’ve been swallowed by a giraffe!!!!!

Yaya gave Wildman this awesome giraffe tent for his birthday.  He insisted that we set it up in his room as soon as he opened the package.  The giraffe’s head barely misses the ceiling fan!  Giraffes and camping are two of Wildman’s favorite things.  To have a giraffe tent is the ultimate for him.

Wildman is sleeping in his new tent as I type this.  He’s on cloud nine.

P.S. I’m on cloud nine because preschool resumes tomorrow 🙂