Encouraging Art

To say that Wildman is left-brained would be an understatement.  In an attempt to encourage more right-brained activities I’ve set up some art supplies on the dining room table.  I figure that if the stuff is readily available he’ll be more inclined to pick up a crayon and create.  He never asks to color and rarely wants to do artwork.  Usually I’m the one who suggests that we do something creative.  Wildman will try a project for about 2-5 minutes and then he’s done.  He doesn’t have much interest in it.

Thankfully, Cutie Pie is a little bit more balanced.  He likes doing both creative and analytical things.  He’s more like me.  The stamped piece of paper in the photo is what Cutie Pie worked on while J and I ate dinner this evening.  He likes stamps especially when they are on his hands.   He stamped little alligators, beavers and ducks all over this hands, arms and the paper.

I’m hopeful that Wildman will be more into art.  I make sure to doodle with the crayons and pencils at least once a day now that the art supplies are out on the table.  Maybe if he sees me doing it, he’ll want to give it a go.  I asked him to draw me a face this afternoon and he actually did it!  Complete with eyebrows.  I’m so proud.


Here’s what I’m bringing to Labschool on Wednesday:

The colors for the month of January are black and white.  The shape of the month is a rectangle.  My mother-in-law was kind enough to sew up some black and white felt bean bags for the kids.  I cut up some construction paper shapes for use on the Fun Trail.


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  1. Angela
    Jan 06, 2009 @ 14:32:43

    Have you ever let him finger “paint” with shaving cream? Its so fun and he may end up doing it for more than 2 minutes…but it is messy!

    I also have a recipe (somewhere) for spacegoo. It is the coolest stuff, but again messy. It is solid when on the table, liquid when you pick it up. Seriously cool!


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