Not as Easy as It Looks

I led my first Zumba song this morning!!!!  Yes, one song only.  Baby steps, friends…  baby steps…  An instructor friend that I know let Steph and I each lead one of our own songs during her class.  It went very well!  Yeah! But, let me tell you, aerobics and group fitness instructors have a tough job.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to lead a group of people through a song.  Because I’m so new to this, I had to just look at myself in the mirror.  I had a fear that if I looked at anyone in the class they would throw me off.

Last night I spent a good three hours rehearsing the same salsa song.  I had practiced it for a couple of hours the day before too.  It was 4 minutes and 19 seconds long with tons of transitions.  So, learning it was pretty tricky.  The music seems to go on forever.  I chose this particular song because we used it a lot in my training class.  I was already somewhat familiar with the rhythm.  Thankfully, there was a lot of repetition so the students could keep up.

I think the most awesome thing about leading Zumba is the fact that it is almost entirely nonverbal.  The instructor cues the students mainly with hand signals or claps.  Therefore, no mic is required.  Thank goodness.  I practiced before class this morning with a headset mic.  It sucked!  It kept falling off of my head because I was bouncing around so much.  I also felt like I was huffing and puffing into the thing.  Not good to have that amplified.  The studio is extremely small so the students could easily hear me if I had to speak.

So, I’ll be checking off this item on my “Things I Want to Do Before I Die” list.  Now, I just need to master an entire class worth of songs…  It might take me forever 🙂

In case you’re curious, check out the Zumba fashion


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  1. onescrappygal
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 18:33:17


    I looked it up on youtube and it looks like fun!! I’ve been looking for something else to do on the days when I don’t go to kickboxing classes. Maybe I should get a Zumba dvd and try doing it at home on those days??


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