For My Peeps

My self-portrait for day 3 is of me with my Peep jar.  The flash really did a number on this photo.  Oh, well.  I really like it anyway.

Here are the three jars that I completed today.  Only 9 more left to make…  Why do Mason jars only come in packages of 12?

I think this is probably the cutest homemade Easter gift idea I’ve ever seen.  The contents of the jars are used to make Peep S’more Bars.  Instructions are here.  I included the baking directions on the little pink tag.   “Happy Easter” is stamped on the opposite side of the tag.  I hope Wildman’s preschool teacher and director like these!


7 Days

The 7 Days group on Flickr started a new week on Saturday.  I began the week a day late but at least I started…  Thanks for the reminder, CC.

Today’s theme was “Yellow”.  I have to admit I was at a loss for what to do all day until my sons’ bubble bottle caught my eye as I was coming in from the garage.


Wildman played with my camera the other day so all of my settings are messed up.  The quality of this photo is pretty crappy.  But, at least, I got my submission in today.

Shaving Cream!

After T-bone and Wildman played t-ball this morning I decided to set up the kiddie pool in the backyard.  We invited T-bone over to join us in the fun and one thing led to another.  I busted out the shaving cream samples that my in-laws gave us.

The older boys were in Heaven turning themselves into shaving cream monsters.

Cutie Pie wanted nothing to do with it and took shelter underneath the clubhouse.  He was perfectly happy digging in the sandbox.

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