A Riddle

What do stick ponies, hula hoops, pom-poms and water noodles have in common?

Give up?  They are props that Steph and I used today to pitch our Zumba Kids class to Wildman’s preschool director.  The preschool is looking for a new gross motor/music program for the children and Zumba Kids looks like a great fit for them.  We should hear back by the end of the week whether we’re hired or not.  Wish us luck!

Our song line up:

1. Let’s Get Loud by J. Lo (warm-up)

2. Wooly Bully with Hula Hoops

3. Shaky, Shaky by the Wiggles with eggs.

4. I Want To Be Like You (King Louie of Jungle Book)-circle walk and in/out

5. La Bamba-stick pony & salsa

6. Clap Your Hands-clap and stomp

7. Ketchup Song-hand jive & salsa

8. Hot, Hot, Hot- Conga!!! Limbo!!! Obstacle course!!!

9. Ob la di, ob la da- hula with pom-poms and salsa

10. Mambo #5-V-step and twist

11. It’s Been A Hard Days Night (cool-down). Stretching

12. Day-o (Banana Boat Song)-good-byes