Don’t Squeeze the Eggs!

It’s that time of year again!  Time to dye Easter eggs!  Steph and I got the boys together late this afternoon to work on transforming the plain, white eggs into colorful works of art.

More than once we had to warn B not to squeeze the eggs.  He’s a very tactile child and the urge to crush the delicate eggs in his hands was just too great.  We had a couple of casualties despite our repeated warnings…  Please refer to the third egg from the right in the top row.  The lime green one.  That’s a thumbprint on the top.  But it was all in good fun!

The boys couldn’t wait to begin.  I purchased two kits this year: Cars and Kung Fu Panda.  The boys were over the moon for both.

Wildman preferred to use his fingers to dye his eggs.  The little wire dipping tool was just not his style.  He’s tactile too…

The little dudes were all about seeing how many eggs would fit into the dye cups at one time.

No egg dying experience would be complete without messy hands.

When the eggs had dried the boys got to work stickering the crap out of them.

I love this one!  Look at all the colorful fingerprints on it.

I love this one! Look at all the colorful fingerprints on it.

It was a great art project that we all enjoyed.  I’m looking forward to the deviled eggs that Big Red will be making from these hard boiled beauties.