Every once in a while it’s nice to hear that you are doing a good job as a parent.  Today, I got such a compliment from a mom friend of mine.  It really made my day.

Today was Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  I bought tickets for myself, Ya-ya and the boys.  Since J had to work today he could not join us.

We began the party with the Breakfast of Champions: Hawaiian Punch and doughnuts.  The boys and I are sugar junkies.  We inhaled our doughnuts.  I didn’t get this trait from my mom, apparently.  She can’t stand doughnuts but managed to eat half of one for the sake of the kids.  Thanks for taking one for the team, Mom.

After the doughnuts and punch the kids headed outside to hunt eggs.  I use the word “hunt” loosely.  The eggs were merely scattered on the lawn.  The kids just picked them up.  They had a blast though!  Wildman collected so many eggs.  He was an egg grabbing machine.

Wildman’s friend didn’t have such a great experience though.  He got frustrated because other kids kept snagging the eggs he had his eye on.  So, he didn’t end up with many Easter eggs in his bucket.  Wildman went over to him, told him it was okay and shared his eggs with his friend.  I was so proud of him for making that kind gesture.

The little boy’s mom came up to me later and said that she wanted me to know that I was raising such a good person.  Wow.  It’s not too often that you hear something like that.  It made my day, my week, my month…  Like most moms, I never really know if I’m doing things right.  I feel like a screw up all the time.  And I’m sure I do.  Winging it in this mom gig is hard work.  But it’s so nice to hear that someone thinks I’m doing a good job.