That’s how Cutie Pie says “cookies” these days- “tookies”.  It’s so cute.

Wildman insisted on making cookies yesterday evening before I baked the casserole that I prepared for dinner.  Obligingly, I opened up the box of fundraiser cookies that I recently purchased from a friend’s daughter.  They were super easy to make: just place and bake.  That’s my kind of baking!  And the it satisfied the boys need to cook.

Waiting is the hardest part…

Finally done after 12 minutes!

Cutie Pie learned that I’m serious when I say “hot!”

After the cookies were baked I proceeded to make dinner.  I told the boys that they had to eat a good dinner then I’d take them to the beach to eat their cookies for dessert.  Dinner never went down so easy!  They could not wait to get in the car and go.

I was hoping that J would be at the beach we went to but he wasn’t.  The wind was better at another location.  He’s a kiteboarder…  He goes wherever the wind takes him…